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So I mentioned that I got an email from this security company that is using and they wanted me to include more privacy information – fine, some contact info – also fine, and the company policies.
Not sure what they want in the company policies, something along the line of, hey, we’re not gonna rip you off?
We sell shiny things?
What is it that they want?
I don’t know, so I didn’t add anything. Maybe they won’t catch it the next time.


Anyway, off to play City of Heroes, almost to level 30 ^_^


  1. olletho

    which policies? Didn’t I write the ones specified out?

    Where they getting a cached version?

  2. sidekickca

    I’m guessing that they weren’t happy with it.
    I wrote a slightly longer one(about privacy) and then told them that all the changes I made were too the about page, so it should be ok.

    I like how they just spit out the help pages at me. Not overly helpful really.


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