More woes…

I think I’ve tracked the re-booting problem down to a faulty power supply.
At one point the only card that I had plugged in was the video card and it rebooted again.
If it is a faulty power supply I’ll be happy, since that’ll give me an excuse to get a new case ^_^
This other power supply is a little more powerful than the other one so it should do the trick.
I hope.
If it’s NOT the power supply….well then….it could still be the video card, or worse still, the Motherboard. That would not make me happy…..


  1. Zylwyn the Knoledgeable

    Faulty power can do that. I’ve had a few flaky ones here at work (soon to be my previous job). Random reboots, corrupt Hard Drives and all sorts of unrelated stuff can go on with a bad ATX power supply. Cheers buddy.

  2. Baron

    THat makes no sense at all, anyone with half a mind knows that it would not be the power supply DUH!!!

  3. SideKick

    Yes, the Power supply has historically been the wrong choice, but this time I think it’s the right thing….well, either that or I’m all out of ideas….


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