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Yup, just came back from Return of the King.
Kinda hard to type right now but there are a couple of things that I want to say before I crash hard on that pillow.

2003 has been mostly crapulent for movies. There are probably a total of 6 that I would say were any good, and only 5 come to mind right now.

X2 – It had Colosus, and while he only appeard for a very brief moment, it was enough. Here is a sequal that didn’t suck, and I have a feeling that unless they do something completly stupid, it will be a good franchise.

Bend it like Beckham – Excellent movie out of the UK, sorta a feel good movie that didn’t turn my stomach. I think it’s because it wasn’t made in America and therefore had good actors, a good script and was generally lots of fun.

28 Days Later – I would like to say it speaks for itself, but it really doesn’t. People thought it would be a zombie movie, which it really wasn’t, and the true horror of this film was human nature in all it’s goriness.

The Last Samurai – Thought it would be a good movie from the trailers, and it completly didn’t disapoint. Epic scale, but with some real character. There was a lot of thought and detail put into this movie and it showed.

Return of the King – Actually, I think this one DOES speak for itself.

So there you have it. It’s possible that I missed some, but really, if I can’t remember them now then I’m sure they weren’t too good.
And again this is one man’s view, and this man has spent too much on bad movies.

Hopefully 2004 brings some better selection because I’m sick of being ripped off. I suppose I could just stop going, but then I might miss something….

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