Movies at Work

Watching Evil Dead 2 at work right now. It’ll be about the 1000000’th time I’ve seen it, but it still rocks!
I guess that’s the advantage of having a DVD play in the laptop.
I can just alt-tab to and away from it ^_^

This should be the last day of this site. I’ll keep the account and have a link to it, but I don’t htink I’ll be updating it anymore. I’ll be putting all my effort into the new site, which is really just a re-hash of the old site, but it’s on my own server and I have full control over it.

For those that don’t know, the new address will be
Mechaknight will still be here, and will remain till at least February(I think) but it’ll point to the new domain.
Yes, that means my e-mail address will change as well, but I’ll give people time to move to the new one ^_^

I’ll also be working on the novel. I don’t think I’ll post anything till I get to the half-way mark.
I really hope I get to 50,000 words, but God only knows ^_^

Halloween party tonight, so I’ll take off a little early, get some decorating done, get a little sleep in, do some other random tasks.
It should be fun, and the advantage of living there is that I get to drink as much as I want ^_^

Hope you all are doing something equally neat for Halloween!

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