Rented ‘The Inside Man’ and ‘District 13’ over the weekend.
I need more of a life, but that’s a different post.

I liked both of them, but The Inside Man really wasn’t all that special. Since it was directed by Spike Lee, I was expecting something more than a heist movie.
I’m not sure why I was, but doesn’t he normally do large, important like, films?
Anyway, decent flick.

District 13 is something that I had meant to see in the theater, and I really wish I had.
It’s a little light on overall plot, but it’s a kick-ass action flick.
Much in the vein of the Transporter, Ong Bak and other martial arts flicks, it was just action action action!
And good action.
French action. Not something I really expected, but I don’t know why exactly.
Anyway, very fun and totally kick ass.

Return of the Jedi:
They changed the final ghosts.
Other than that, I think it’s mostly unharmed.
Oh, the ending song as well, but that bothers me less.


  1. sidekickca

    I had no idea there was a translation to it.

    Wait, there’s also the new bar song, didn’t like that at all.


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