I was reminded last night about how soon it will be before I have to move out of this house and in with my parents.
I don’t like moving, but it does give me an opportunity to see what of my crap is junk and what is possibly useful. As usual, most of it is junk, and some of it is useful junk while the rest is required for my very existence^_^
That being said, it’s my turn to throw out a ton of garbage, and that’s my main plan for the morning. Other than that I should pack some more, and work on AJs website and still look for work….busy busy busy.
We played pool last night at possibly one of the stupidest places on the face of the earth. First off there was a $3 cover charge because there was a lame WWE thingy on(oh yea, a $30 even requires a $3 cover….). Then the ‘waitress’ took about 20-30 minutes to notice that we were there and it took another 20-30 minutes to actually GET the order. That would be fine if the place was packed and she was the only one there, but the fact of the matter was we were among the 40 possible people there….and there were 3-4 waitresses….no excuse.
Also, AJ paid for her beer with a $20 and the beer was $5.50 so of course AJ said ‘just make it 6’. And that’s what she got for change….$6. Not bad really, an $8 tip on a $6 beer….right….that was straightened out right quick.
All in all, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s one of the only places around, I’ll never go back. In fact, I’ll make sure to drive extra far just so I don’t have to go there…..Not bitter ^_^

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