Music of our Lives

It’s amazing how a single song can bring back a flood of thoughts, feelings, even tastes.

The song I was just listening to threw me right back to college, sitting in the basement apartment(not really even mine) that I shared with Shayne and Leif.
I’m sitting in the corner, in this beat up old chair, computer and monitor on the floor, listening to music, and probably partially watching Leif on the N64, and eating some really cheap rice that I nuked with a chicken bullion cube.
I can’t think of the number of times I ate that crap.

Those were the good old days(mostly).


  1. sidekickca

    Yes well, wuv might be a little strong here dude, but they definatly were good times. 😉
    I just wish we had cable modems back then is all ^_^

    But we had a nice little phone sharing thingy going on.

    I wonder if she’s still renting out that basement?

  2. anonymous

    I wonder if her slightly ‘tarded son is still spitting on people, if her daughter is a crack-ho yet, or if Len ever found the remote control, or the final volume of Robotech: Southern Cross that I lost down there.

    I also wonder whatever happened to Leif; I haven’t heard hide nor hair of him in three years, at least.


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