While watching a cooking show, I’m reminded how much I like music.
It could even be called a love.
Music is a huge part of my life, and I’m hardly found without it.
I don’t have a first memory of music, but I get the feeling that it was in a car.
My parents always had the radio on, and it was either classical or ‘oldies’.
Most of the music I listened to in my formative years was written long before I was born.
Not sure what that means, but I guess it gave me a sense of history.
Yea, that sounds good enough.

I was that kid in high school that was always plugged into his walkman.
Silence is not something I could tolerate back then, I needed something buzzing in my ears at all times.
This of course had it’s downsides. I think I missed out of a few good conversations back then, and I can’t help but think it’s damaged my hearing somewhat.
But it did block out the evils of the world that is high school, so it was worth it.
Now I mention high school because that’s when I really got into music.

Sure, throughout the 80’s I knew all the popular bands, but it was 80’s music, everyone knew the popular bands.

High school is when I discovered my own musical scene.
Now this, coupled with the fact that I get bored easily led to a very expensive music habit.
While I would listen to the one new thing for weeks on end, sooner or later, I would be bored of it and needed something else.
In the beginning, the new thing for me was hard rock and heavy metal.
Not sure why I chose that as a starting point. Hell, the last thing I really enjoyed before that was Weird Al. Not exactly the same.
I think it was due to all the press it got in the 80’s about people killing themselves to the likes of Ozzy and Priest.
Remember, I was in high school, depression center of the world.
Anyway, no matter the reason, that’s where I started.
Ozzy, Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath(not even the good kind) and a bunch of stuff I can’t even remember.
I joined Columbia House and got 12 good tapes.
And a Kenny Rogers tape that I didn’t order. Not sure how that happened.

But that was just the beginning.
Hard Rock was pushed aside for Heavy Metal.
Heavy Metal grew into Death Metal. The faster the better.
That got old quick.
Then I did an about face and wandered into Industrial.
Then College.
Wow, that opened me up to a whole new world of music.
Floyd, New Model Army, more Industrial, noise, and a little country.
Industrial opened up into a whole chain of random electronic music, and I guess that even includes some Dance.
Hey, it’s all in the beat right?

Now I’m all over the place. I’m also a little less fussy about what I’m listening to.
And while I say that, I’m also a lot more fussy about what I pay for.

The internet has allowed me to sample, legally and otherwise, all sorts of music.
And what I’ve found is this:
Do not, under any circumstance, trust a single.
It is not a representation of the rest of the album. And most of the time has nothing to do with the rest of the album.
I could go into detail, but I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir.

For years I found myself downloading music in a less than legal fashion. Mostly because of a lack of good information.
And by that I mean samples. Most bands wouldn’t release parts of their new CD(other than a shifty single) online for people to listen to.
You just had to trust them. I stopped doing that a long time ago.
So I downloaded.
Then people started selling music downloads and they restricted what I could do with it.
So I didn’t bother.
Now, with eMusic, I can download music and use it any way that I want. And that’s good.
Also, with Pandora, I can discover music that I didn’t even know existed.
The combination of the two has allowed me to start from scratch with a good base.
I like that.
Sure, not all of it works, but at least I can pick and choose.
Which is still a little weird. I say that because I still feel the need to download a whole CD even though I can buy on a track by track basis.
But I feel that any band should be able to produce a whole CD of music that, even if it’s not super fantastic, should be consistently good.
Sure, I’ll find tracks that I like better than others, but I should be able to listen to the whole thing and say “Yea, I like that, I’ll listen to that again.”
Maybe I’m being too picky, but it’s my dime after all.


I’ll leave it there because I have no idea how to end this post.
Still a little rambly. Guess I need to work on direction.

Fell free.


  1. packetfire

    Should be on your love of sushi and how you would like to go to Sushi Kanata before going to see Borat this evening! 🙂

    And as a serious suggestion – where’d the love of all things Japanese come from?

  2. packetfire

    Particularly the giant robot thing…

  3. flying_squirrel

    ISTR you had a (possibly brief) Reggae phase in between Weird Al and Heavy Metal.

    Good post. I’m tempted to do something similar. (Of course, in highschool my music tastes ran the gamut from sci-fi soundtracks to Amiga mods. And that’s about it. But that’s because I was a huge nerd ^^; )

  4. olletho

    I’ve been having fun with pandora, they have gaps in their library but when they have a song in it they have the entire album it is from in it and they really don’t seem to care which one was the big selling single. I really like that. I also like the fact the artists get royalties from pandora but I don’t have to pay one plug nickel.

  5. sidekickca

    I was trying to figure out how to put that in there, failed, then just left it out.

    And Mods are AWSOME!
    In fact, I just downloaded about a gig of samples and some mod trackers. I might play around with that stuff again.
    Not that I was very good at it in the first place.

  6. sidekickca

    What I also like is that it’s not fully mainstream stuff. Or at least not a lot of stuff that I recognize, which I admit is no measurement to go by. ^_^

  7. sidekickca

    Good ideas.
    To both actually. It’s been at least a month since I’ve had sushi, almost forget what it tastes like ^_^

  8. olletho

    Yeah they have lots of indy stuff… not as much as I would like but apparently they are expanding the database daily so it’s all good.

    They are hiring people to update the database too come to that, it gives the impression that they are booming at least a little. Popping?

  9. flying_squirrel

    I like the look of Renoise, but haven’t spent a whole lot of time with it. Maybe in December…

    Speaking of music, I finally got my 50 song bounty out of eMusic. At least, I think that’s where they came from.

  10. sidekickca

    I have a feeling that’s because I just started the second paying month.
    But glad to hear you got it ^_^

    I might try Renoise. If nothing else because I haven’t heard of it before.


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