Must have food

You know you have it. You can’t live without it. If it was banned, you would be at the local speak-easy eating it. Yes, it’s that food that you just can’t be without.

is it chocolate?



At one time, for me, I thought it was bread products in general. But after being on that Atkins diet, I think I replaced it. It’s been a major part of my life, well, all my life. It’s peanut butter.

I was thinking that maybe peanuts in general, but I haven’t had a peanut, outside of it’s butter form, for some time now, and I don’t miss it. But peanut butter. That’s another story. Here’s something that I’ll put on pretty much anything. Or have with anything. Hell, I’ll have it on it’s own.

In terms of my current favourite, I like it with a banana in a wrap. Yes, it’s a PB and Banana sandwich, in a convenient wrap form. It’s something that you can eat with one hand while you’re driving back to the office on your all too short lunch break.

And all things considered, since I have the natural kind, it’s not such a bad thing to be hooked on.

How about you, what is the one thing that you just can’t live without?

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