My Life, thus far, ish.

Knowing that this is the second to last post for this thing, I should have come up with a topic.
But I didn’t.
Or haven’t, whatever.

Why don’t I tell the rest of the world a little about myself.
That should kill some time.

Born in Edmonton, 1975, May 31, apparently 11 days late.
Why not? It’s warm in there 😛

Didn’t live there for long as I spent my first Christmas in Lare Germany. Of which I spent the rest of that day playing with the ribbon from the stuffed, and this is hazy, Yak that I got.
It was a stuffed animal of some sort, and from the pictures it looked Yak like.
As would be expected, most of my time in Germany is, oh, missing.
I moved away at three, what the hell do you want.
So let’s go over other stories that my parents like to bring up.

Driving with my grandmother, she takes a wrong turn somewhere, and get’s jammed between two buildings because the street kept getting narrower and narrower.
In a restaurant, in one of those kiddy seats, I was playing with my rattle and chucked it at the waitress. She threw it back with the same force.
Don’t screw with the waitresses in Germany ^_^
During a trip to Italy, all the old ladies would come by and touch me on the head. Apparently it’s lucky to touch a blond baby.
Also, and this is interesting, the tent trailers in Italy don’t have screens because there are no mosquitoes. Except in Rome, where my parents were staying. I was bitten so many times I couldn’t get out of my PJs.
That, and by the time my father killed them all, it was a blood bath.
Some random Italian taught me how to say Ciao and do some funky hand sign. Apparently I was thrilled.

Moved to just outside of Montreal. I remember a lot of this, so I’ll sum up.
Best friends lived down the street and I had this small forest in the space behind the house.
There was also some construction garbage, including this huge concrete…thing.
Think it was like a concrete tube, but I remember it as square.
That was the only place we had a pool. It was above ground and really fun, but I guess a huge hassle to keep clean.
I think I broke my toe while living there, but I can’t be certain.
Went to an all English school, and spent recess trying to play on the big kid sets. Remember, I was in grade one.
Backed myself into a corner and swore at my mother. “I don’t want to do my fucking homework!” I had a very clean mouth after that.
I remember a really big snow storm and loosing a crazy carpet in the wind.
Also remembered vowing not to be in school past 16, because I had that option apparently.

Next up, Oromocto.
Saw the Queen there a few times. Or maybe just once, but it felt like more than once.
Almost all of my friends lived on the same block as I did, and they were all a year older than I was.
Transformers was on TV. So was Voltron, He-Man, Thundercats, GI Joe, and all the good cartoons that were ever created to sell toys.
It was a busy 4 years.
We got snow. We got a lot of snow. Granted I was shorter back then, but I remember the snow banks being 3-4 times higher than I was. It was awsome.
We had a fort. An inground fort. I must have been really short at the time.

Grade 6 through 9 was spent there.
Those were odd years, with many ups and downs.
Picked on a lot since I was was easy to anger. Or at least irritate.
Didn’t much care for the majority of the people in school, other than a select few of course ^_^
Got crushes on girls, didn’t do anything about it.
Played a lot of D&D, which probably explains the last sentence.
Had a paper route, and like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Got caught stealing.

Last time I moved. Well, permanently moved anyway.
Finished High School, and like Belleville, didn’t care for many people I went to school with.
Got myself into the occasional bit of trouble.
Fell in love. Although looking back I’m not sure why I stayed there.
Played BloodBowl when I should have been studying for math.
Wrote Master of Puppets while programming in Pascal.
Joined a band. Ish. We never did get that song written.
Did some drugs, egged some houses, got a job. Not in that order.
Started smoking. Don’t know why.

Went to college in Barrie.
Best. Time. Evar!
It almost removed all the evils of High School.
Learned to drink, a lot.
Got bored of drugs, kept smoking though.
Gained a lot of weight.
Met some nice folks.
Worked for EDS, then didn’t work at all and moved out, then worked for EDS again.

Moved downtown. Had some fun, spent too much money. But I was making money, so why not?
Bought a car.
Got laid off.
Moved back in with the folks. That was tough, for everyone.
Finally started working again.
Moved out and down the street.
Started eating Sunday dinner with the folks.

Contract work turned into full time.
Stayed with Jim for maybe a little too long, but I’m sure he’d still like the money.

Bought a house.
Bought a dog.
Haven’t fallen in love again. Working on that.

There we have it.
More or less.
In a nutshell.


  1. flying_squirrel

    You know, Mr Greenley still eyes me uncertainly whenever I go in the there. Nearly 20 years later.

    They’re retiring at the end of the year. It’s gonna shut down. I realize you’re probably not bothered, but I find that a bit sad. ^^;

  2. sidekickca

    Yea, he gave me the evil eye the last time I was in.

    I do find it sad that they’re shutting down as it’s one of the last things still alive on that street.

    Downtown used to be cool, now most of it is closed. At least, from what I remember.

    It was a dumb thing for me to do, but I was 13.
    I do find it slightly(and I don’t know if it actually counts) ironic that I was caught stealing a Stainless Steel Rat book…

  3. anonymous

    You just summed up 30 years of your life and not one mention of your brother!!!!

    Dam you Fuller

  4. sidekickca

    Ya know, you’re right.

    I have a brother.
    He spells poorly. “Damn”

    The other involves building a large concrete barrier around me to keep the fluids in.
    Not a bad idea, all things considered, but I don’t think it’s what you were going for. 😛

  5. olletho

    Dams don’t need to be concrete.

    Might explain your giant robot love affair, you just want to be dammed creatively.


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