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In an interview with Sean Molyneaux of Media Blasters, regarding GaoGaiGar:

Since Neon Genesis Evangelion convinced every japanese studio that Robot Shows have to be slow, angsty, deathly serious and have NO likeable characters, us mecha fans have had just about no fun. (Not that I don’t think Eva is a great show, but I’ve seen it done about a thousand times, and it turns out that not EVERY show has to try and be it.) Then GaoGaiGar showed up and changed all that. It mines the oldstuff (pre-Eva robot shows) for ideas and flavor, but adds a style and a modern look all its own. For an American like me, it reminds me of my youth, watching Transformers, Tranzor Z and Voltron. Even when GaoGaiGar gets up to its nose in plot and character development, it doesn’t forget that Giant robots are really, really cool.

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