Mysteries and Books

I was once told of a place that stored books for people to read(I mean, what else are ya gonna do with them?).
But the odd thing was, these books weren’t for sale!
As a trusting consumer, I found this hard to believe.
But I had to search this place out.
I found one near the center of town, they called it a Library!
Still a little hesitent, I crept in and asked the man at the counter what this place was all about. He told me that this place held books that were available to all people, for free!
How is this possible? Wouldn’t they go out of business?
He told me that this was no business, and that the people brought the books BACK!
I found it hard to conceive of a place that will just give you a book and expect you to give it back, with no money changing hands, no security deposit, nothing!
But he told me that it was so.
So I tried it. I got a book, I ‘signed’ it out, and I walked away. No alarms, no nothing.
The book is due back in two weeks, but I got it for free.

Sorry, this was actually supposed to be a little better.
This would also have been more true if it wasn’t for the fact that when I showed up to the library(the one that supposidly I had never been to), I already owed them $21 in late fees.
Ah yes, I remember now. 4 books, 4 weeks over due, and that was 1994…..hey, at least there was no interest!Also, I signed out a book about Frontpage 2000. Hopefully it will give me the answer that I seek. I doubt it.
But thanks to Matt for suggestions….unfortunatly they didn’t work…..nice try though ^_^


  1. aelfric the hungry

    Have I mentioned that I don’t get enough sleep?

  2. matt

    Howdy Bill!
    Well, sorry about the FrontPage thing… Works for me (but then again, I use it once or twice a month).
    However, here’s some stuff that might help a little…
    This guy suggests the option, and registry edits…
    This guy talks about all the big things FP can do…,4149,3683,00.asp
    And, of course, the necessary MSDN link…
    Short of all this… here’s what you do…
    1. Go to Start.2. Select Find/Search (which ever you happen to have).3. In the file name box, type ‘Notepad.exe’4. When it shows up, right click and choose ‘rename’5. Type in ‘frontpage2003.exe’ (hey, you want to stay current, right?)
    Next time you want to open something up (and preserve formatting), just use your brand new copy of FP. 🙂
    (Hey, if you’ve got something you like better than Notepad, you could even use that! What out for evil tabs though (why isn’t that configurable in Notepad??? It was in MS-EDIT for DOS!)
    Anyhow, if that doesn’t get you through, I’m afraid I’ve hit the wall.
    Good luck!
    On a side note, from what I understand… DreamWeaver MX is supposed to be the new hip web development tool. It smelled too Maccy for me, but hey…
    If you’re not looking for WYSIWYG, your options are greatly enhanced. (Site management is a biggie though… but you could offload that on a content management system?)

  3. matt

    I should preview before posting…
    Any lack of clarity in the previous post is solely the responsibility of the viewer.
    If it looks funny, read it again.
    If it still looks funny… suggest an ‘Edit Your Comment’ button.
    (Oooh! That would introduce a hideous new level of complexity to! Feel up to authenticating users Bill? Stupid stateless internet!)

  4. SideKick

    That’s why there’s a Preview Your Comment button ^_^Not that anyone ever uses it, especially me.And don’t worry about stuff not making sense….mine never does.

  5. SideKick

    Case in point…I had more to say.There is an option for me to add users to the Greymatter thing…but you think that’s gonna happen?Hell no!I know you people too well ^_^
    End of Line.

  6. aelfric the cunning sage

    It’s cheaper to buy the books than pay the overdue fines. Take it from me – I had to pay more than $1000 in fines one term at Carleton alone. Buy them and use them for toilet paper when you’re done.

  7. SideKick

    Can’t afford to buy them at the moment. Can’t afford to buy ANYTHING at the moment….car is making a squeeky noise….

  8. aelfric the beery

    argplblpoihbl. bloogle blap glappooo! splegh. grummmlpuhph.
    (Note: preview didn’t help this much.)

  9. Olletho

    And to think that’s after only TWO(and a half) beers that he’s like this.
    hrmmm…. maybe he’s just asleep…. *pokes the AElfric*


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