NaBloPoMo 1 – Almost forgot!

Holy poop nearly forgot about this!
Yes, poop is my new favorite word for some reason.

Anyway, let’s go over the rules:
-post daily for everyday in November
-each post has to be at least 750 words
-while not strictly necessary, each post should be mostly coherent

There, that should have killed a few words.

I’ve received some great topics for this year that I hope will bring us all a little joy:

  • Top 10 reasons for Steve Bescemi to wear spandex
  • Slayer vs Crunchy Peanut butter
  • Entertaining things that have failed with regards to pizza.
  • The care and feeding of King Diamond
  • Why hipsters make bad pets
  • Who is the least likely actor to be cast as Batman
  • “Does this look infected?”
  • What’s your favourite text editor (and why)?
  • Do you find tags useful (noticing that nablopomo is actually tied for first on your LJ)? What do you use them (and/or other meta data) for… Thoughts on ID3? EXIF data?
  • How do you put together the music videos you do? (Song selection, software, etc.) Screenshots for bonus points.
  • What’s your “killer app”? (ie. review the software you can’t live without)
  • What do you think the next 50 years will look like?
  • What is your favourite “weird” food to eat (and why)?
  • You could write about how awesome your dog is…

Along with those, I think I’ll do a post about the different places I’ve lived. I know I kinda did a brief history of me last time, but this will be a single post per place.
This way I can get into stories and the like about those places and how they’ve influenced my life.

Also, I might possibly redo some posts from last year. Not just cleaning them up mind you(that would be cheap) but completely redoing them.

Are there any from last year you would like me to redo/expand upon?

Yes, this is really reader driven.
I mean, I do this mostly for myself(the NaBloPoMo thing) as I want to challenge myself to write and think quickly about topics.
But I also want to do this to entertain, and I hope I am.
I think I’ve been reading too much Wil Wheaton 😛

OK, so enough about that, let’s talk toys.

So I was at Zellers snagging packs of rockets(the toys, not the explosives) when I found myself in the toy section(why does this always happen?!).
I noticed that the new TMNT figures were out, and they had a Don and Foot Soldier, and they were on sale, so I snagged them.
While in line, the woman in front of me noticed my awesome toys, and asked:
“Oh, what age group are you buying those for?”
Now, at this point I should mention that I’m not a collector snob.
I know I’m buying toys. I have no problem with that. I buy them because they’re cool.
I have no problem what people think either, so I’m generally polite about this kind of thing.
“Oh, because my nephew loves this sort of stuff. Are they like Transformers?”
“no, these are just teenage mutant ninja turtles, they don’t transform. But they are on sale, that’s why I grabbed them!”(almost pleased with myself)
She smiled, and went about her business.

The figures are rather nice. They have a good solid feel to them, and at $10 each, not poorly priced.
Don has his Bo, some kinda cell phone, night vision goggles and a rope. The goggles actually fit on his head, both in a down and up position.
The Foot has a sword that fit’s in a sheath on his back, a shield(why don’t we see more ninja with shields?), a sharp thing, and a sickle thingy.
The Foot isn’t as poseable as Don, but looks cool none the less.

Did I mention that I actually liked the movie? Both in concept and look? And the figs show this off well. I want to find a Casey Jones. I think that would round out the set nicely.

Helloween wasn’t spent watching movies, which is a good thing really.
Not sure how many kids I had, but I have 2.1kg of candy left. Glad it’s all stuff I don’t want 😉
After 8, I wandered over to Tara’s to watch some more Reaper. It’s a good series thus far, and I think it’ll last a little while.
Sure, it’s totally formulaic, but that’s ok, because the formula is pretty great.

Today was more like a coffee date, but neither of us liked our coffee. Nor did Tara like the butter tart she bought. So we headed to the pub to get some chicken fingers.
I didn’t touch them because I had already eaten too much Chinese food and a date square.

OK, I think that’s more than enough for tonight.
Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll have…more…stuff for you to read!


  1. packetfire

    but you were stretching towards the end, weren’t you? 😉

  2. sidekickca

    veeeeeery much so yea 😛


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