Nearly the Weekend

Since I get every other Friday off because of the ‘pager’ support, this is the last day of the work week for me ^_^
Can’t tell ya how happy that makes me feel.
And now Jim might be working the weekend.
He’s going to be sooooooo happy ^_^
But then again, I’ll probably be working next weekend. =(

Tomorrow, Scott, Jen and myself will be heading downtown into Chinatown to get ingredients for their Wok book. Not sure what they’re looking for, but if it’s a good book, I might go and pick it up myself.
It’s fun to wander Chinatown, even though it’s not super big like in TO or Montreal(mind you, I’ve never been to the Montreal one…but I hear it’s big).
And with any luck it won’t rain tomorrow.

I’m writing this because I’m waiting for a database to reload. Slow, long, and rather dumb process.

See, we got a hold of these great, super fast machines, that are causing more headaches than they’re worth.
But we have to see if the product will run on them.
I don’t see a problem with that, as long as the servers stay running for more than a few hours….

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