Need to Update

I just felt the need for an update, and really couldn’t think of a better title.

OK, car is now zoomy fast, adn I mean ZOOMY! I am however burning through fuel like there’s no tomorrow, but that’s ok. Once I get this racing thing out of my blood, all will be better.
It’s funny, I actually have to re-learn how to drive the car. I have to think about shifting at different spots, just so that I don’t burn more fuel than is really required in an everyday sorta driving thing.
That made no sense, but that’s ok.

I think this weekend I’m gonna head down to the wreckers to see what I can see. I need some replacement bits for the car, nothing expensive, but it would also be nice to find a proper spoiler for it. The official one from VW is gonna cost $450, and I REALLY don’t want to spend that much just for a peice of plastic that’s stuck on. If I can find it on a car that’s in not so great shape and rip it off for a good price, then I’ll go that route.
I also need some little plasticy grill things, but at the worst they’re $15 from the dealer.
I think I’m just gonna browse and see what I can see. With my luck, they won’t have ANY VWs there at all, but it’s a good way to kill a day.
I think I’m also gonna change the oil this weekend as well.

Exciting life so far eh?

I had meant to update sooner, but I was kinda working on part of the weekend, and it wasn’t pretty. A system(for a customer of course) went from kinda bad to really bad, and it didn’t get better.
It’s one of those situations where getting out of bed and showing up to work was your first mistake. But in the end, well, actually, it never did get any better, but it didn’t turn out as bad as it could have.
Actually, I was told that at the very worst, if it got really bad, the company shouldn’t push the product in the UK, at all.
Sounds like some sorta drug thing doesn’t it?
Pushing the product.
Anyway, all is ok, not great, but not the total disaster it could have been.

Apparently we had tornados yesterday. Not anywhere near where I was, but in the region. Kinda cool, but not great for the people who were affected by them.

I think that’s it for now, if I think of anything better I’ll write it down somewhere.

Oh, that was it, I talked myself out of a PDA. Turns out all I really wanted was a small pad of paper.
Who knew?

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