New Lappy…ish

It’s been some time, but I was finally able to get the work lappy reloaded.

For the longest time it’s been acting all sluggish and just annoying the hell out of me. It’s been acting this way since the day I nearly killed it.

See, what happened was that I closed the lid(as I am apt to do) and it didn’t go into standby mode, but blue screened. And for some reason, it bluescreened at 100% cpu.

Not knowing this, I stuffed it in my backpack and left it there for about an hour and a half as I went to work.

When I went to retrieve it from my backpack did I realise what had happened. And then nearly burned myself on the metal hinges!

It’s been acting a little wonky ever since.

The tech guys had some fun with this. What should have taken about 2 hours took the better part of a full day. They had to replace the hard drive and the ram.

But now it’s reloaded, all clean like, and working probably better than ever. The screen resolution is better, and smaller, which is a little worse.

Fine for when I’m in the kitchen, but not so much at work.

And of course I spent hours loading it with non-work related crap, but it’s good crap.

Crap like Samurize. Which is a neat little app that will display text docs as a background. Actually kind of helpful.

And fences. Fences rocks for people like me that keep everything on the desktop. Squares it away into nice little packages.

And I’ve also installed things to allow me to catch up on podcasts. Very helpful when working.

They still need to replace the fan in this thing, but other than that it’s a good little work station again.

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