New pics and stuff

The Santa thing went off without a hitch Saturday. Everyone tells me that I made a great Santa, and that’s fine, because it’s the only time I’m gonna do it ^_^
It wasn’t so bad, but most of the kids that were SUPPOSED to be there wern’t, so I was calling out a lot of names and no one responded. And I didn’t even get to keep anything. As promised there are pictures.
It was really great to have Rich and Sarah on my turf, not that we did a whole hell of a lot, but it was fun none the less. Friday we went and hung out at Zaphods, looked at a couple of Christmas lights, had a shwarma and that’s about it.
Saturday….we went to Chapters, rented a PS2, played some games, did the Santa thing, had dinner(sushi) and then played more games ^_^
It was the first time that Rich and Sarah had sushi and they were rather excited about trying it. I told them to go with the easy stuff(tuna) and get something on the side just in case. It all worked out and nobody died.
Sunday we went to the Silver Snail, I picked up a recent copy of Hobby Japan, a gift for someone and then we just hung out till they left. On the downside, Rich forgot his entire CD collection at my place, but it’s happily in the mail now….hopefully not lost.
But as always it was a lot of fun.
Go check out some pics ^_^

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