New Site and all that

First the good news:
The new, rather official and all, site will be up on November 1st at a new, not so secret, location. It’s a new domain, new look, same server.
Now the bad news, not much content has changed.
Mind you, I really don’t expect the content to change all that radically in the next little while anyway, but I’m thinking of new things all the time and I might actually do some of them one day ^_^
The real advantage of the new site is that I can see it from work! I have a static IP address with the ability to actually run a web server from it. No more hiding on port 8000, I’ll be brodcasting live every day from port 80!
I like this, I like this alot!

Still gearing up for Halloween. Bought some candy, going to buy a pumpkin tomorrow, I’m going to try and fully assemble my costume tomorrow, and then wait for the kids.
I hope it rains. This way I get to eat all the candy ^_^
I know it’s mean, but I like candy!

That’s all for now, just felt the need to update.

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