New TV

Watched two new shows tonight.
This could be fun, and it helps that I’m a comic book fan ^_^
The first ep was a little slow, but they have to introduce people and concepts, so of course it’s gonna be slow.
But with the “next on” thing they showed at the end, it could be a really cool show.
To be honest however, I don’t see it going much past the first season.
And you know, if it’s really good all the way through, I say that’s fine.
I’d rather really good for not a long time than sucking on and on.

Studio 60:
Same guy that wrote/created The West Wing has a new show.
It feels very much like the West Wing, mostly because half the cast is in the new show.
Not to mention it has the complete feel of the WW.
So, that being said, the first couple of seasons will have really good writing.

BattleStar is on in a couple of weeks.
Can’t wait!

That is all.

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