News, Reviews and Mews?

Alright, no mews…Picked up and watched The Animatrix today. Good price at MusicWorld, $17.99.
It was very cool. I think I liked all the stories, but I’m not soo sure I was happy with some of the animation. Granted, it was supposed to be a hip and cool way to see anime, but maybe some of it just wasn’t my thing.
But overall I enjoyed it.
Just started to watch the extras, including a nice little intro to the whole anime thing.
Went into enough detail to keep me interested without subjecting me to far too much info.
Going to watch the rest tomorrow night.On a different note, downloaded and listened to the new Metallica CD tonight.
It's better.
Still not gonna buy it, but it's better than the shit they did in the 90's.Still working on the forum thingy. I think I have all the colours and layoust the way I want it, now I have to find some clever way to link it to the main page. That requires me to learn PHP/DB connectivity. Cool.Nothing else to report.


  1. aelfric obnoxious

    What they’re missing is that anime is, by definition, NOT cool or hip. Except maybe in terms of the little hips on top of the long long legs. And some frost-wielding monster that eats Osaka. But you know what I mean.

  2. Darcy

    Well, the Japanese pronounce it awnimation. Well, awniMAtion, technically… But yeah, I take your point. They draw out the Aaawww way too long, and the emphasis is all wrong.
    For the animation, yeah… There wasn’t much of any typical TV anime style going on there. The two real oddballs were probably World Record–which had a definite Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures feel to the style, and Matriculated, which wasn’t anime. (Not by the American definition, anyway). I love Peter Chung, though. I just wish they’d foregone the CG and stuck to messed-up Peter Chung goodness.


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