Nice clean Windows

Reinstalled Windows yesterday, and I’m now in the process of finding all the software I want to install to make it usable again.

Most of it’s free(legit free) and generally handy and small and easy to use.

PortableApps is a fun place, and it has apps that are designed to be run on a usb key and the like. The upside is that they’re lightweight, so I use them even on the main system.

Including Open Office if you’re so inclined.

Today was a mostly quiet day, and Tara and I decided to replace the light fixture in her bathroom. The problem is that the new one is smaller than the old one, and there’s this big hole in the wall where the old one was, and the new one isn’t going to cover it.
So we patched the wall and we’re just waiting for it to dry before we sand and paint.

I’m taking Tuesday off so that Tara and I have an extra day together. 😀

Wednesday we’re baby sitting my nephew for the evening as my mother has a PJ party to go to.

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