No longer a DJ

As of Wednesday, and more technically tonight, I am no longer DJ SideKick.
w00tradio has gone off the air(actually, it’s still there just playing the Care Bears theme).

We’re changing now to w00tstudios. It’ll be mostly audio casts and vid stuff.

I have a show called The Anime News Brief. 15 minutes, once a week.
That frees up about 4-6 hours/week, which is really helpful.

Here’s a link to the news show.

So yea, no more DJ. It was fun, but lost some of it’s charm. Glad to change things up a little.


  1. flying_squirrel

    Gah! That thing really needs an RSS feed.

    Should I be a jerk and point out that most of The Grave of the Fireflies takes place before Hiroshima (it takes place in the aftermath of the Tokyo firebombing campaign. I guess I’m a jerk.

  2. sidekickca

    The owner is working on an RSS feed.
    And yea, it turns out I’ve never seen Grave of the Fireflys, I watched Barefoot Gen in college…opps @_@


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