Not a Funk

My parents dog has not recovered, and he’s being put down tomorrow at 4.
I’m going to go over at lunch to say my goodbyes.

I could dwell on this, but Logan has led a good long life. He’s either 14 or 15, and for dogs that’s pretty damn good.
He’s been a good friend and he will be missed.

Do wish I had a picture of him though.


  1. anonymous

    14 years is a good long run for a dog, he’s obviously led a good life.

    I’ll always recall how terrifying he was when I would show up at your door. Best guard dog EVAR!

    I recommend doing what my Dad and I did when Sandy passed away – open a bottle of Scotch and don’t stop until it’s empty; or until you run out of bottles.


  2. sidekickca

    Terrifying in the “bark bark bark, now I roll over so you can pat my tummy” kind of way ^_^

    He became grumpy in his old age, but no one ever took him seriously. Kinda hard to when “girr girr girr, lick lick lick, girr girr girr” is all you can muster.

    I’m tempted with the scotch, but the thought of drinking alone(as really, my dog shouldn’t join me in this) kinda bugs me.

    But, if you want to join, then I wouldn’t be drinking alone ;P


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