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From “The London Free Press”:
Domi portrayed as ‘angry, violent’ cheater
For those of us that remotely follow hockey, who the hell DIDN’T see this coming?
The man is paid to hit people, a lot.
Mind you, this is about his private life, but when you’ve been doing it for so long…

I’ve been thinking about buying a PS2. I don’t even know why.
Guitar Hero comes to mind, but I’m not sure how long I’d actually play it.
There’s a whole host of games that I would like to at least try out, but don’t have the tech to do so.
Can’t even remember what triggered the want in the first place.

It’s going to be an expensive day for DVDs:
GaoGaiGar v1
Voltron v1

I have an evaluation for the dog today. Did I write about that already?
I want to finally get her into a good training thing, and I need professional help.
I also need help to train a dog. *zing*

I finally know what I’ll be doing with work.
Meaning that my team finally has direction.
Not that any of us know *what* we’ll be doing, but that’s something else altogether.
I just hope the new people don’t explode under the pressure.

I signed up for the eMusic free preview.
The idea of DRMless legal music sounds kinda neat.
We’ll see if I actually stick with it.

Think that’s all for now…


  1. flying_squirrel

    No!! You shoulda told me you were gonna sign up for eMusic. Then I could get 50 free downloads for a referral! ;_;

    (It’s kinda like a pyramid scheme like that. ^^;; )

  2. sidekickca

    But I haven’t actually signed up yet.

    I think I’ll cancel and you can try to do the referral thing.

    It was a spur of the moment choice, really late at night(too late to be looking for cheap music to be honest).

  3. flying_squirrel

    I think you can only use a credit card once or something.

    Whatever. I’ll send you a referal and we can see what happens. ^^

  4. sidekickca

    Oh that’s easy; different credit card ^_^

    Send me one to a (at) account, any will do, I’ll get it.

  5. flying_squirrel

    I sent it to your yahoo account. ‘Cuz I wasn’t sure if you’d gotten back yet. ^^;

  6. packetfire

    DRM-less legal music? There must be a catch.

    Just don’t tell Lars & James.

  7. sidekickca

    I haven’t found one yet.

    Keep in mind that, while they have a million songs, it’s not necessarily by “top” artists.

    Which, now thinking about it, might be a good thing.


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