Not so much anime….

Well, so much for my MAY ANIME MADNESS!
I’ve watched a total of 2 hours worth….woot.
I was gonna watch some more yesterday, but AJ was in town and we had to mini-putt.
Tonight, I’m at Dougs, and Friday is movie night(maybe, depends on if anything is playing).
As far as I can see, Daddy Daycare is oppening tomorrow.
I think I’m gonna skip it. Hell, I might just sleep tomorrow night.
No, I’ll probably watch the rest of Big O, unless something ‘exciting’ happens.
It usually doesn’t.BUT, Iron Maiden is playing in Toronto on the 3rd of August, so I’m gonna convince Ben to go and see it(won’t take much convincing I’m sure). But that depends on a few things.
1. How much are the tickets?
2. Who(if anyone) are oppening for them?
You see, according to the site, MotorHead and Dio are oppening. MotorHead would rock, Dio would suck. BUT, I’d be able to put up with Dio to see MotorHead and Maiden. AND, I just looked at the MotorHead site and THEY list that they’ll be in Toronto on the same day, at the same venue. So it’s good odds it’ll be the same show ^_^
Sadly, Dio will also be there.
Oh well.
Now it depends on ticket pric…hell, no it doesn’t!
Actually, yes it does. If it’s to expensive for others, then I’m not gonna go alone.
That would suck!
So, Ben, start saving your pennies!


  1. Olletho

    So who the heck are ‘Dio’?

  2. aelfric the sad

    DIO is Ronnie James Dio, former singer for Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (but not the one who sang Since You’ve Been Gone) and for Black Sabbath (replaced Ozzy and flushed the band down the toilet). Looks like Busboy Doug. Sings like a cordless drill being pushed through a steel plate in your skull. Sings songs that make Candlemass look un-cheesy.And I’m going to ask for a raise so I can afford the tickets 😉 Won’t work but I can’t think of a better reason to ask for a raise!

  3. Olletho

    okay in a fit of morbid fasination I clicked on the Dio link in the rant…. I was on the site for less then 30 seconds before I left in disgust… if he or his webdesinger have not figured out because text is read from left to right means it should be scrolled from right to left … ugh. Idiots.


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