Nothing really


I feel like crap for some reason.
It could be the fact that I’ve been eating Thanksgiving leftovers for the last 4 days now.
Mind you, the first day was fresh, the rest have been leftovers.
My stomach is doing some funky stuff and I’m just not feeling up to actually blogging at the moment.
That, and I have nothing to really blog about, so I’ll make it up as I go along.

As I mentioned, I picked up the ShadowRun book last night.
Didn’t read anymore of it today, but decided to work on the server instead.
This is where I might fail.
Not at the server itself, but filling my time with the little details that don’t actually have anything to do with getting a game going.
Buuut, if I can get the little details out of the way fast enough, I should still have momentum to think about getting the actual game started.

Ok, back to the server.
Installed Ubuntu 6.10 with all the updates onto a spare PC. I seem to have a few of those.
Mind you, now that it’s plugged in, I don’t have a spare plug for the sound on the main system.
That just won’t do.

Anyway, so Ubuntu installed like a charm, it almost always does, and then installed the Undernet IRC server.
That was stupidly easy.
Too easy to be honest. Yet I connected to it, so something must be working.
Not that I have any documentation, so of course I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.
But really, I never do.

Next will be to install the web server and the teamspeak server.
Both of those should run smoothly.

Oh yea, then I have to finish reading the Shadowrun stuff ^_^

I think for the first time ever, I’m excited about running a game.
I’m never exited about running the game, I generally want to play it.
Now I just need people to play.
If I keep going and actually get stuff done, I suspect I have at least 3 people that would sign up for this.
4 maybe.
Now, if I can convince the local crew to join, I could have 6, maybe 7.
That would be ideal.
The next trick of course is to make this actually enjoyable.

I’ve never been a very good GM, but that may have been more to bad planning than anything else.
Or it could be that I’m not a very good GM. But odds are no one else will do this, at least not initially, so what the hell.
And it’s not like I have money riding on this.
The book was the first/only expense so far. And it should be the only one.

So Yea, things are progressing.
It’s only Tuesday, and it’s not like I plan on having the first game on the weekend, but it really shouldn’t take much more planning.
At least the technical part.

Just shy of 500…

Work almost picked up today. There’s a critical event happening with a customer, and I should be putting all my attention on it.
However, they haven’t sent logs.
And there’s not a lot I can do without logs.
I guess I’ll try to replicate it tomorrow. Shouldn’t be that hard.

Only two more posts before this thing finishes.
I’d say I’ll take some kind of break, but I won’t.


  1. flying_squirrel

    Gratuitous use of technology makes anything and everything more fun. 😀

    Teamspeak looked pretty good when I was checking it out for LAN parties…

  2. thinkschematwo

    Good to hear it’s coming along!

    I pulled out my copy of SR4 and plan on reviewing.

    As to logs… My favourite thing to do when customers don’t play ball is to make stuff up. Make sure it’s wrong, so totally wrong they have no option but to correct you… Wait… I don’t do that at all (but I’d really like to 🙂 )

  3. packetfire

    We know what heppens when you run a server. It’s gets h4x0r3d by some d00d with teh m4d sk1llzorz and you become the Spam Lord.

    Free advice: Don’t invite Scott or Ben, you’ll just end up with a guy jumping on the roof trying to make it collapse and another trying to bash his way into the building, when there is no point to the building other than it being a piece of scenery… 😉

  4. sidekickca

    Yes, well, there’s no meks involved this time so those poor buildings should be safe ^_^

  5. sidekickca

    The only problem that I’ve ever found with TeamSpeak is that it’s a network hog.
    This is less important when all you’re running is TS and IRC, but more important when running actual games.

    So it should work just find ^_^

  6. sidekickca

    Well, for us, the best way to make them play ball is to tell them that we’ll close the ticket.
    They tend to react to that.
    And if they don’t, well, then I close the ticket and it’s no longer my problem ^_^

  7. olletho

    On behalf of Ben as I feel I must *RASPBERRY*.


    I feel better now. 😀

  8. sidekickca

    It was really a sight to see.
    “Let’s jump on the building”
    “The building, let’s jump on it.”

    I’d like to think he was testing my GM skills.

    But really, he just wanted to step on some buildings.

  9. olletho

    *giggles* I can so see it too. It is something that has been used in a game as a serrious stratagy, but really I just felt like childishly standing up for my man who’s not going to be around to play anyway. *pout*

    The stratagy used in seriousness was a tabletop Werewolf game I was watcing (I think, either that or I got the story from a player of another table top game I was play at, you know how it goes)… anyway a pack of werewolves were trapped in an upperstory of a house, hunters had just bashed down the enterance downstairs ETF style and the scouts were just starting up the stairs, the main boduy having just come in the front. So the werewolves went chronos and jumped in unison – crashing the second floor down on the heads of the hunters much to the slackjawed amazement of the storyteller. Fucking hilarious.


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