Now with 80% more Snakes

The movie was good.
For better or worse, it was pretty much as I expected it to be.
Unfortunately, because I live in the ‘burbs, the crowd was kinda non-existent.
If we had seen this downtown, I suspect it would have been a better experience.
And the line that everyone wanted felt really forced, and you can tell that it was added in after the fact. But the closeup of his twitching eye was rather cool ^_^

And the music video, oh god, it was soooo bad.

Best line from the film took place when I was getting pop-corn:
Girl 1 – Oh look, it’s that Snakes on a Plane movie
Girl 2 – Oh! That movie makes me so angry!



  1. sidekickca

    I took a quick read just before the movie.
    As I said, if the crowd was bigger, they probably would have used the script.

    And in terms of spoilers, the title gives most of it away.
    There are snakes, and they happen to be on a plane…

    Not much else to it really ^_^


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