Dog ate a whole bag of hot dog buns yesterday. She doesn’t appear to have any negative effects just yet, maybe that’s due to her size.
Hung out with Carol last night as well, that’s always fun. Played some mini-putt at that cool outdoor place. Probably the best mini-putt place ever. Very well kept and not at all expensive(two rounds for $10).

More training today, but me being trained that is, not me training others(that’s later).
Speaking of which, apparently we’ll now have the Japan and Tiwan labs listening in on my training. Neato.

Turns out not all the people at Bell are morons. While they did charge me an extra connection fee, the person that was watching my account to make sure that they didn’t put a credit for that charge on the next bill, but at least called me to say she did so, so that when I look at the bill, I don’t flip out.
Excellent for her ^_^

Still in training, started this post this morning….

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