Of Fans and Elbows

For the past few days I’ve been trying to play Left4Dead. And between 30-60 seconds into it, it freezes, then unfreezes, then freezes. Thinking that maybe it needed to be reinstalled, I did that. And no dice.

Then I tried Darwinia, a little less graphics intensive. Nope.


Pop the side of the computer off, and low and behold, the fan on the first video card…isn’t fanning. That’s not so great. Kinda defeats the purpose of a fan. The fan on the second card is working, so I swap them. Then the computer doesn’t boot. Then it kinda does, and Windows just gives me a black screen and a mouse curser. Not helpful.

So, already frustrated, I plop the install disk in and wipe/install. I’m getting good at this. I mean, just last week(or the week before) I did the same thing. And today, reinstalled what I needed, after applying a ton of updates, and tried Left4Dead again. Got to the safe house this time. Which is a lot longer than 60 seconds.

Now, I’ve got SLI off, but I might be able to use the second card as a physics card. That wouldn’t be so bad. It’s still running the game at a good size and speed, so no complaints from me.

And today was Liam/Dad Friday. But today, no swimming. Today we went to ToysRUs instead. Right after dropping Tara off at work. That’s pretty early. Before hand I grabbed a coffee and some Tim-bits for the boy(and his dad, let’s be honest here) then headed into the fray. The fray wasn’t as frantic as I thought it would be. The deals were good, and that’s what I was going for, but it wasn’t all elbows and black-eyes. It was almost, peaceful. Almost.

But I managed to get all the things from the list and out of there in less than an hour. Mind you, it felt longer than that.

Home for a nap!

And after that nap, I had to think of something to do, so it was off to a Gyms Tail(Tale?). Except, they don’t do free play on Fridays. Opps.

Off to McDonalds. And this play section kinda sucked. No ball pit. But Liam didn’t seem to mind. He was running around and screaming with the rest of them. A good time was had by all.

Then another nap, more Left4Dead, and picking Tara up from the bus stop.

It was a busy day all in all, but a good one.

And the games work, that’s important 😉


  1. matt

    Glad to hear you had a good day (computer miscellany aside…)…

    Any word on Dragon Age?

    Darcy said he had an interest in it a while back, and I took some time to look it up, and thought it had potential…

    Seen it?

    Played it?

    Got a review in you?

    1. sidekick

      I played Dragon Age 2 in April. I think for a total of two evenings.
      Not sure how to describe it really. There’s a lot of cut scenes, that gets a little annoying.
      The combat is interesting, but also kind of scattered as you potentially have control of a group and not just one player.
      Like all RPGs, there’s a lot of running around to do this task and that task.

      All that being said, it did keep my interest for a couple of days. Then Tara and Liam came back and I lost the time really.

      I can see it being a serious time sink, and if you can pick it up cheap, I would say go for it 🙂

      1. matt

        Thanks for the mini-review!

        It looks like it’s going pretty cheap on the PC side these days (~$20), and I figure if I’m not into it, Robin might enjoy it.

        It’s definitely on my maybe list! 🙂


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