Of Moving and the like

Well, the days they have come and gone.
I am now almost fully moved in with my parents. G and AJ are now in Guelph and are hurridly unpacking before they have to return the truck.
It was a sad day. There was much blubbering and sorrowful goodbyes, and G and AJ were a little upset also. ^_^
Actually, we were more tired and sweaty than sad, but I guess that was on the outside.
To say the least, there were the best house-mates that I’ve ever had. There were no real conflicts that I can think about, or if there were they were so small that I didn’t bother to worry about them.
I will miss them.
But that being said, I’ll be seeing them in a couple of weeks on their home turf.
You just can’t get rid of a sidekick ^_^

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