Of Speed and Babies

All things considered, I don’t speed excessively when I drive. Most people can tell you this. But I suppose the word excessive should be clarified.
On major highways, I do 20Kph over the limit. This is just a number that I feel comfortable with and that number will decrease when it’s necessary. It’s not likely that that number will increase, unless I’m trying to pass or stupidly racing friends. The latter doesn’t happen all that often(that’s the drawback of being the only one without a sports car ^_^)
And today, whilst returning home from Bracebridge, I was speeding at the usual 20Kph. Had the cruise control on, listening to Mozart, and was generally enjoying the drive. A few people passed me, and I passed a few people, but never really changing from the 100Kph (or just under) that I was driving at.
Then it happened. Along Highway 60 there’s this interesting stretch that’s perfectly straight, but it’s also in the shape of a U. It was great. I decided to indulge the Speed Racer in me and race down that hill!
It was gorgeous, birds were singing, the engine was racing, and there wasn’t another soul in sight, except for the cop that was speeding down the other side of the U. Well, I passed him(going in the other direction) but I knew that I had had it. I slowed down, waited for him to turn around, and then got the ticket.
Now, to say the very least, the cop was a nice guy. First off, he didn’t fine me for not having my Driver’s License on me (have to replace that someday soon), and he didn’t give me the full speed that I was clocked at. Because at that speed, there is no road-side fine, just a court date. So I have to thank him for that because it could have cost me a lot more than it did. Not to say that it’s not going to cost me a lot, but it could have been MUCH worse. And another nice thing, he let me see the radar report. Oh yea, I was speeding alright. But I have to say, for the time spent in the indulgence, the price I’m gonna pay didn’t make it worth it.
Oh well. Live and learn. Again.On a completely different note. All of the weddings that I attended in 2000, they are all parents or soon to be parents.
Congratulations go out to Rich and Sarah, they just found out that they’re going to be parents.
This should be neat ^_^On a note related to the second note and maybe a bit to the first; I’m a Toy’s R Us kid.

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