Off the Air

As of last night, I’m not doing the radio show anymore.
Actually, I haven’t done it in the past two weeks, but I made the actual decision last night.
When I make up 1/3 to 1/4 of the listening audience, then you know it’s time to go do something else.
Also, it just wasn’t fun anymore. It was a chore, not a joy. And I don’t need extra needless chores right now, I’m ignoring to many chores as it is ^_^

It was fun while it lasted, and I might look for another station, but not right now. I want to get some home stuff sorted out, I want to start training the dog, and some other random computer stuff.
Like properly creating that mail server…I think I’m almost there, it’s just not doing something kinda critical, but that have been the way I installed it.
Also, I got the NFS stuff working, which is the real way to do Linux-Linux networking. Sooooo much easier and more stable.

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