Official Cop-out

This is it, this is where I officially break the rules, at least my own rules, when it comes to this NaBloPoMo thing.
Sure, I’ve posted, it just wasn’t 500 words.

I just don’t feel up to it tonight. At least, not one long single topic post.
I’ll keep the editor up until I go to bed, and whatever is there is there.

Alright, so I am a little pissed, both at myself and the dog.
During training, the dog was doing so well, but why shouldn’t she?
There’s no real distraction in the basement. While at class there’s 6 other dogs. That generates excitement and leads to distraction.
When we first had to sit, stay and then come, she was all over the place. Which of course pissed me off.
The trainer but us back and had all the other dogs do their thing.
Then we did our thing and it was mucho better.
But the staying stuff, well, that was a little worse.
Again, at home she was fine. But in class, that was a different matter.

On the upside, at the end of class he gave me a bunch of pointers on what I should be working on.
He then told me that myself and on other dog are the most improved, and the hardest dogs to deal with.
So that made me feel a little better.
You could tell that he really wanted me to succeed, but at times I’m just as hard headed as the dog ^_^
It’s not that I’m stupid, but at times I listen but not hear.

Jericho isn’t a bad show, it’s just not a great show.
The concept is cool. Small town deals with end of world.
Or at least atomic war.
But I just don’t see a conection with the characters.
And it’s obvious they’re trying to throw in a bunch of “oh oh, I have a secret!” kinda stuff, but it’s not really working because they don’t progress that stuff fast enough.
It really feels that it has no direction.

This is a great video. Not so much for the singing, but for the words.
Stuff like this has been done many times before, so it’s not really original, but still fun ^_^

OK, Daybreak is on.
This could rock or totally suck.
Let’s find out!

OK, so they really want you to pay attention to things.
It’s obvious little things are going to change from week to week.
It could be fun to look for.

Hey! It’s the cool Baldwin! You know, from Firefly.

OK, so it’s fast paced, but is that because it’s the first ep or can they keep this up for 13 weeks?
So far, I’m still watching, and it’s half over.

Looking forward to the weekend. I don’t out to Bracebridge often enough.
Hell, it’s been just over a year since I was last there.
That has to change.
It can’t be that long between trips.
I’m sure we’ll get drunk and play video games. That’s always a blast.

She’s in on it.
The one person that he’s reliving the same day over and over for, to save her from dieing, she’s in on the frameup.
Or of course that’s the way they’re making it out to be.

I od like how they’re doing this though.
Any major changes can add whole new twists to the game.
You learn more and more.
This could actually last 13 episodes. And be interesting that is.

Anyway, off to chug back the rest of the NeoCitron and go to bed.


  1. anonymous

    Yeah boyyyyeyeeeeee! If you’re coming to the big Bracebridge, y’all should come visit meself, me wife, and me kids in me new house, yeah baby! It’s very smashing.

    –Cent, mightiest of the mighty, now %39 more Pillsbury Dough Boy like.

  2. sidekickca

    Right Right!

    I forgot you had a house.
    I presume the people that I’m staying with know where you are?
    Because, well, I barely know where they are…

  3. anonymous

    They do indeed. But it’s damn easy to find this place. Hey, send me an email or something, and I’ll give you driving directions and phone numbers and stuff. my first name (don’t forget the y) @


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