Oh yea…

I have a website ^_^
I have to admit I haven’t been putting a lot of thought into writing this week. Mainly because I have a Java exam tomorrow, and, as you all know, I’ve also been working ^_^
Today was a bit of a long day, rather irritating in the afternoon because software problems were keeping me from completing my tasks. As it turns out it was something on the server and I wasted about 2 hours doing nothing. So I stayed an hour late and got everything caught up.Other than that, I’ve brought my GaoGaiGar action figure to work, it makes me happe ^_^
I think I’ll limit it to one toy at work(until I become CEO that is), and I’m not sure if I’m going to rotate that toy or not. I like having my GaoGaiGar at work, and I think I would enjoy it over most of the other toys. I’m not really compelled to play with it, but it does make a nice desk ornament.Still no e-mail or phone at work. Or a personal PC for that matter. Sure, should have all been in on Friday, but it’s IT, so it takes time.And now off to play games, then bike, then study the dredded Java. Can’t wait for that to be over.


  1. matt

    Hey, good to hear that things are coming along.
    I remember my first few days at the current gig. No machine, but I did get to read Business Objects in VB6 by Rocky Lhotka… It was something I was meaning to do, but to get paid for it was much cooler.
    Now they expect me to actually produce, but then again, I get to do a few nifty things now and again (working on a generic reporting system right now… it’s tougher than it ought to be… one of those areas where the real world does quite match the ideal one).
    Anyhow, good luck on the Java, and take ‘er easy.
    BTW, ‘happe’… I like it, but was it intentional?

  2. SideKick

    No, happe wasn’t intentional, but it works just as well ^_^
    Oh, and thanks for the pic BTW, cute kid.
    Now I have to wait for everyone to have kids so that I have friends my own mental age….


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