OK, Finally

Things are starting to happen now.
The one test that takes the longest, and the one I have to watch the least(of which I was hopeing to do overnight tonight) is the only test I can run today.
It takes about 7 hours, and while it’s not REALLY a test, it’s the only way I can do the rest of them.
So, it’s necessary, and almost a complete waste of time.

Today has not been very useful. Today means that I have to come in tomorrow for almost the entire day.
I don’t want to do that, but I have no option at this point.

This is what happens when you rush tests on servers that you can only connect to remotly.
And a slow remote at that.

Complaine Complaine Complaine, that’s all I do ^_^

Did I also mention that it’s the SLOWEST FUCKING CONNECTION EVER!
What do they have this thing running on, dial-up?

Oh, and not only do I not have voicemail, it seems that I can’t make outgoing calls either….

But, I did get ahold of one of the tech guys, and he’s going to reboot the big server and add some VPN connections, so it’s kinda looking up.


Did I also mention that it’s the SLOWEST FUCKING CONNECTION EVER!
What do they have this thing running on, dial-up?

It’s 9am, I’ve been here since 7:45, and nothing has gone well so far.

We have access to this really big server; 16 processors, 64Gigs of RAM, the works.
The only problem is that we only have it for the weekend. And I’m expected to run two days worth of testing in that period.
Of course, because of that, nothing it working properly.
We have this huge database, 2.5Gigs worth of huge, and it doesn’t look like it got restored properly. Not so bad, I still have the original, but it just takes time because the original is in Toronto, and the big-ass server is in Texas somewhere.
Takes time for the bits to travel that far.

It took all of yesterday and some of last night to get things sorta set up for this morning.

The other problem that I ran into was that I need three more VPN connections made. For some reason, I didn’t think of this. And when I did think of it, I couldn’t get ahold of people.
But I left messages.
But I don’t know if they got back to me because OUR VOICE MAIL IS DOWN!

Just called the two support people, and both their phones are busy.
With any luck, they’re talking to each other.

It’s going to be one of THOSE days, I can feel it.

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