On my Way

5:47 – Still too early in the morning.
I got here rather early, about 2.5 hours before my flight. You know, better early than late.
Well, I was waiting around for about 45 minutes before the ticket person showed up. But she was nice.
Not that I can say that for the customs person. Granted, I don’t know how happy I would be, working so early in the morning. But she drilled me on why I was traveling.
I made up some BS about training people at IBM. We all know I just want to check out the Asian mall ^_^
Must remember at the next security check to remove my cell phone clip as it set off the detector.
At least I wasn’t frisked.
Tetsuo just got paged.
Which reminds me of a really quick Robot Chicken clip where they had Kaneda singing about Tetsuo.
I think Robot Chicken is my new favorite show.
Just blathering on now….

8:05(local time)
Just arrived in Chicago, and all over the airport it’s talking about a wireless service. Didn’t mention that it wasn’t free. Mind you, it also didn’t mention that it could have been free, so I should have known.
Oh well.
Flight was uninteresting, other than I got the row to myself, which is nice, because not many people did.
I don’t think I’ll be as lucky on the way to San Jose, but you never know.
I should arrive there around 12:30 local time, which is great, because I can check out the area, go over some notes, and nap.
I’m looking forward to the napping part.
Two hour lay-over; I should look for something to do.

Time is now:
I’m here, I’ve showered(always good after travel), and I’ve scoped out where I need to be tomorrow(real easy).
It’s in the middle of no where, so I wonder what the traffic is going to be like.
I’ll show up an hour ahead of time just to make sure that stuff is setup.
I’ve already taken some camera-phone shots of the area, including some video. I might pop that up to YouTube, once I figure out how to do that.
I’m also gonna grab some grub shortly.
Getting really hungry.
Gonna be at the hotel location.
Tomorrow, sushi. Already found a place. ^_^


  1. briar_rose2

    Already looking into sushi places? Be careful you don’t get some bad fugu!

  2. sidekickca

    It’s what I do.
    Not the fugu, but looking for sushi just after I find the hotel.
    I *should* have been going over the material for class, but there are priorities ^_^


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