On the phone

I’m here blogging while the GF is on the phone.
Talking to her friend.
Telling her that all guys like porn.
We do. nothing to see here, move along.

But, we were watching Heroes because she’s into that now, and that’s cooler than cool. ^_^

Um…got some work done on the finance app. That’s also good. And I’m also making comprimises, which is less good, but liveable.

She’s still on the phone.

Tomorrow is Slayer. I’ve tried to get a hold of Doug, but thus far no luck.
Not that I think he’s forgotten, I just want to make sure he knows what time I’m picking him up.
OK, so I think he’s forgotten, and that would suck.

I might need backup here people.

Tomorrow at work should be much like today. Mostly useless.
It’ll pick up soon. I know it will.

And I’m even giving gift ideas.

Why am I blogging about this? No idea. Needs to do something.

And now, back to your lives.

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