On the Road again

I’m going to California in September.
September 11th in fact.
Well, I don’t think I’ll be flying on the 11th anyway, since it’s like a days travel to get from here to there.

I have to make arrangements with the kennel, which should be easy enough.

I’ll be with my boss for the whole week.
This could be good, or really really bad.

I’m not sure exactly where in CA that I’m going, but maybe I can get in some toy shopping while I’m down there.
You know, because what I need right now is more toys.

Or maybe some anime DVDs…

Speaking of which, GaoGaiGar should be out at the end of the month.
Already pre-ordered from Amazon.ca.

Didn’t do much last night. Well, started training the dog again.
I might need professional help. She’s very food oriented, so that could be a problem.
That, and I’ve never done this before, so I don’t want to totally screw her up.

You know, by putting shirts on her and all that ;P

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