On Vacation

Tara and I left for Vancouver yesterday at about 10:15 and arrived at 1 something Vancouver time.

The flight itself was pretty good. WestJet is nice as it has the leather seats and sat tv, but I was listening to podcasts and random music.

Tara slept most of the trip, which is unusual for her as she has a hard time sleeping while travelling. But it’s been a long couple of weeks for us both with work and whatnot, so I think she found the will to sleep 😉

We arrived after getting our rental and pretty much napped for a couple of hours. It was a long day afterall 🙂

After some chinese food we took a trip to White Rock and walked along the peer there. It was a really nice night and the temp was nice and cool.

Tara tells me that the whole area has been built up quite a bit and there’s more and more places to buy things. Apparently Surry has about a million people now, which seems just huge for the actual amount of space that seems to be available.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Today is lunch with old friends of Tara, then helping her friend set up the wedding hall. Tomorrow is the wedding, Sunday we’re puttering around. Monday should be quiet, but that could change. Tuesday we’re puttering and then seeing my aunt and uncle, and I can’t remember what we’re doing on Wednesday.

I might also go see Terminator on Monday with Tara’s brother.

Apparently he can’t get anyone else to go with him 😀

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