One thing breaks another

So I’ve been having this problem with my Sansa e260 and Winamp. Everytime I plugged in the Sansa, Winamp would crash. Every time.

I searched the forums and google and apparently my googlefu wasn’t good enough until today when I found the answer.

At one point I must have installed the Sandisk media converter, which in turn installed this MediaPlayer 11 runtime. Apparently that’s what was killing Winamp. Not sure how exactly, but rolling back WMP and uninstalling the runtime did the trick. I can now use Winamp again with my Sansa and I don’t have to learn anything new, or deal with things that aren’t good enough(for me without a lot of effort).

Woo internets!

All that being said, I wish iTunes would open up their player support to things other than Apple, but I understand why they don’t.

Too bad, it’s a nice player(for the length of time I played with it).

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