One Year

10:40 am, 5 lbs 3oz.

That was the time and birth weight of Liam one year ago today. Looking back, I really can’t believe that he was ever that small.

His eyes, when they were open, were black as pitch. Now they’re a radiant blue, and he’s a hit with all the ladies.

His hands were so tiny, not even able to wrap themselves around my finger. Now they’re into everything; food, cat hair, and whatever he can grab.

His hair, which was there at birth, kinda went awol. And now he’s a little shaggy. Need to get that boy to a barber!

Tara and I talked about this last night and wondered what our live was like before we had him? How on earth did we fill our days? We’re still not sure.

One thing is for certain; that little boy brings so much joy into our lives that I can’t think of a world without him.



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