One Year

One year tomorrow Tara and I met face to face for the first time.
It would turn into the greatest 12 months of my life so far.

Tonight we’re going out to have a very nice dinner, then I have a little surprise for her.

I’ve been working on a little project for the last 6 months, and tonight is the night I present it to Tara.
I’ll tell everyone more about it tomorrow, because Tara’s a sneaky one and I bet she’s reading right now in case I slip and let the secret fly 😉

I’m on to you!

We met at a Starbucks for our first date. We had been talking on the phone for a little while, but had decided to make the ‘big leap’.
All I had to go on was her Lavalife picture, and it was kinda small.
I knew generally who I should be looking for.

Up until this point, I had always been early to dates, and this time was no exception.
I walked around a little bit before going in so that I wasn’t super early and fill up on coffee.

I walked into the Starbucks and started to look for a woman sitting alone. I saw someone way at the back reading a book.
It kinda looked like the picture, but I wasn’t sure. And after all, she was sitting at the back.

Not so sure, I started to put my coat on the first empty table I could see. But then I looked again. She was looking up at me.
“Yes, hello.”

The rest of the date was very pleasant and we hit it off amazingly well. Actually, that all started on the phone(for future reference to anyone that needs it, phone chats are a good start).
It was amusing how little we had in common and yet how much we saw the world in the same way.
We’re still like that.

OK, since I forgot to post this, here’s what I did:
-bought a guitar and amp
-learned how to play said guitar
-wrote a song
-recorded that song
-made a mix CD(how high school of me)
-learned two other songs
-performed them for her tonight

To say the least, she loved it.

It’s been a great year, here’s to many more!

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  1. anonymous

    Congrats on the year. I wish you many more in the future. Because you seem happy, Tara not so much 😉 but you look happy



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