Online Life

I’m getting closer and closer to having my online life back the way it used to be.
I have the server installed, I have the page uploaded and the forums are working.
I think I even have some decent security on that box. I think. I’ve said that sort of thing before.

And of course, since it’s been a little while, I want to change the look of the page.
Poking around Photoshop can be the best way to design. I started with one idea, clicked a different button, started moving some things about, and ended up with something really different, and surprisingly, something I like ^_^
I’m just not sure on the technical aspect of it all. There some simple javascript that need to be written(mouse over stuff really). Nothing stupidly complex, but I just have to figure out how all the pics are gonna be working.
But that’s part of the fun.

I’m not going to change the layout or look of the forum. That’s far too much effort really.

I’m going to keep the LJ thing, since it’s really nice to update and it does it’s own archiving, which is also nice. I’m going to find a way to duplicate the entries here with the ones on the main page.
I want this to happen, if not automatically, then at least at certain intervals. Like hourly or something. I think it’ll be easy. A little bit of processing here and there, and whola, something.

Those are the plans so far.

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