Only a few days left

Well, there’s only a few days left at this house.
It’ll be sad to go, but sorta nice to move on. I guess.
I’m the kinda guy that gets used to a situation very easily. And where change can be fun it’s also a big disruption.
I guess I’ll get used to my new situation very quickly.
It’ll be especially easy to get used to it because of the AC….I miss the AC….
I brough the bulk of what I’m bringing to my parents today. I think they were happy knowing that it was the bulk of it. I guess the only thing left are my clothes and computers. That’s easy enough.
Looking around, there’s not much stuff left to go. I think the majority of it’s in the TV room, and I already packed most of that today.
I also got tools so that I can dissassemble the shelving units. That should be….fun. I guess.
And then after that it’s throwing out some trash and picking up the odds and ends….

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