This is a little more recent, mostly because I’ve been back twice in the last three years.
And other than Ottawa, it’s the only place where I lived at two different addresses.
This was the first place
This was the second
You can see that it was a long move 🙂

I remember the first house being really really small. With my single bed, it was hard to open the bedroom door enough to get in.
It was home though. And both locations were within walking distance to school.
The town was small enough(and probably still is) that we had split classes. One half was grade 2, the other half 3.
I attended the same school from grades 2 through 5. At the time it looked like a large school. It really wasn’t.
And it had minimal play equipment, but it did have these giant swings.
We used to ride our bikes through the swings, grab the chains and let fly off the bikes.
That was a ton of fun until our hands were kinda bloody because of the chains. But we were kids, it took us a little while before we cared. 😉
Also, we used to stand on the swings, swing as high as we could and fly off.
Good times!

I suspect that this is the town where I first got into video games. There was a small mall and it had 4 arcade games. I remember one of them being asteroids, but I don’t remember the others.
It’s also around this time Dad picked up a Vic20 and the tape drive that went along with it.
To keep us entertained, he used to buy the Compute magazine and code the games there were in the back.
It took years before I realised that Curse of Montezuma actually continued past a certain point 🙂
The tape drive. It took 20 minutes for a game to load.
20 minutes!
I get pissed now if a game takes more than a minute to load fully.
20 minutes!!
You had to plan in advance to play something or change games.
We then moved up to the C64 and now we had the power to play good games.
Like Pole Position.
But we never had colour. Always a little black and white set.
It wasn’t until years later, in another city, when I hooked it up to my colour TV that I realised all the AD&D characters in Pool of Radiance were various shades of blue…

This was also the time period of the best cartoons ever; Transformers, GI Joe and He-Man!
I remember fondly when Transformers came on the air. We were all gathered at my friends place, and we were glued to the tv for 30 straight minutes.
After that first episode was over, we all ran outside to play Transformers.
Chris would be Jazz because he could to that dive transforming thing.
Really, that’s all I remember.

Snow in New Brunswick just never seemed to end. When they cleared the roads, I swear the snow wall was 10 feet high!
Granted, I was a lot shorter then, so it’s hard to say for sure.
But they must have been high. I remember people getting rather hurt falling off them at school. And let’s face it, if there’s a really high surface, kids will play on it, and try to throw other kids off 😀
But this also led to some really great snow forts. You could almost build tunnels all over the neighbor hood with that much snow.
In fact, I remember some parent had made this slide all the way down their front yard. Only went down it the once as it exited onto the street.
Where the cars were.
Almost ouchie.

Most of my friends live on the same street. Dave lived down the block, Chris on the other side of the circle, and uhh…the other guy was over there as well.
The way the circle was set up, we had a lot of room in the middle to play. Basically it was a small park.
And since we were all army brats, that’s what we played the most. We had little obstacle courses, training grounds, whatever you could think of.
We even had an underground base!
OK, so it was a big hole with a covering, but it could have been underground.
And we uncovered a cable line, or at least that’s what we think it was.
We were going to cut into it and watch tv in our base. Never got around to it.

Being that we were pretty much on the base, they had these family days where you could tour and look at all the army equipment. And we got to ride around in APCs.
Comfortable these were not, but they were damn fast!
Never got to go in a tank, which was disappointing, but got to play with metal detectors, shoot air rifles, and generally get to play with all the cool stuff.

It was a nice little town, and never really had any trouble. Except for the pedophile clown!
This is one of those stories that got blown out of control.
The story was that there was a clown driving around town convincing kids to get into his car.
What it really was, was this poor lost guy on his way to a clown gig. He made the mistake of stopping his car, rolling down the window, and asking a kid for directions.
But from that point on, it was the pedophile clown.
Poor guy.

This was the first town I really remember. And still do today. I could walk all over this place and tell you were everything was, because nothing has changed!
It was also the first place I remember being sad to leave.

Next up, Belleville!

I have two videos on Ocomocto:

You’ll have to download them and add the .avi extension.
They’re DIVX, just warning.


OK, on a completely different note, Tara and I tried ‘DragonForce – Through The Fire And Flames’ on co-op medium.
We made it 7% though before failing.
It’s hard!

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