Otakon Day 3

I think. It’s a little confusing.
As yesterday was a full day, and at AN, that’s usually Saturday.
But today is Saturday.
I think I spent a little too much time/money in the dealers room today. Finally found GITS, and I honestly think it was the only one at the con.
Yay Me!
Also bought a couple more prints from the girl that does http://nosesoptional.comicgenesis.com/. I just like her style.
They really buggered up the schedule, so we ended up missing some cool things. But not totally missing it, so that was almost more annoying.
Missed the industry panels this year, mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to get up and out in time.
No biggie, if I need to know, I can look it up.

Dinner was good. Not great, but good. Mind you, it did take us a little long to get there. I think it was about 10 before we got out.
Tried to go to this 4-chan thing, and it was completely filled up.
Not even sure what it is…

Now we’re trying to book a hotel for tomorrow, and it’s actually more expensive than this one.
But I don’t think we have to pay for net access, which is good.

Well, I should pack or something.

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