Biking, watching Good Eats, he was making crepes, and now I want pancakes.

Also, downloading Torchwood. Might even be able to watch the first episode tonight.

Leaving the dog out of her cage in the afternoons now. Yesterday was a box(empty) and today, well, today was some DVD cases.
Not great. I’ve put small tables in front of the DVD shelves now, we’ll see if that does anything for tomorrow afternoon.
Other than that, she’s been fine.
I do get the feeling that she’s even more energetic when left out though. Not really what I was going for, but at least she isn’t spending 18 hours a day in a cage.
That really bothered me.
And I think it bothered her as well.
I don’t think it’ll get to a point where she’s totally out of her cage, as she tends to pace at night.
And that keeps me awake.
So I figure she’ll spend the nights in her cage.
We’ll see.

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