Free Streaming music that attempts to find bands you might like based off of bands you already like.
Pretty cool idea.
However, some of us have to use it under ‘false’ pretenses. See, you get to listen to X amount of songs for free, then you need to sign up for an account.
The account is free(probably ad supported, just not sure how ad supported yet), but you have to live in the US.
Well, you have to say you live in the US. They apparently don’t actually check.
Either that, or my work account has a US IP address.
Once I go home we’ll find out.

If it does work, I’ll probably use this service to find bands on eMusic to buy. Using one to help with the other, good use of the internets if you ask me ^_^

Sadly, Semagic doesn’t support Pandora, so I can’t detect the music, and I’m too lazy to type it in.


  1. olletho

    They don’t check I am defintily using a Canadian IP, that whole Sympatico thing.

    It really is a neat thing, although there are occasionally a few corckers as well, they can’t use ‘lyrics written by a moron’ as a qualifing aspect.

    And it is technically working on a radio licnce so I would think the artists that they are playing would be getting royalties.

  2. olletho

    And there are ads but they are utterly ignorable, esspecially with tabbed browsing.


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