So I finally broke down, and after not owning a printer for 12 years, go out and get myself a nice little $150 Canon MP520.
It came with full ink(colour and black) and 5 matte photo sheets.
So I try it.
With a Weighted Companion Cube cutout 😉

The printer works really well. And while waiting for dinner to cook, I cut out the cube.
It’s a great way to pass time.
And since then, I started downloading other patterns(why not, I have 4 more sheets).

I think this will become a new hobby. Because other than the price of the ink(of which I found cheap refills) and the paper, the other tools are cheap as hell.
I got a hobby knife(and extra blades) for $1, a rubber cutting mat for $1, and some bad glue for $1. I think I’ll see if the cheapo crazy glue is any good.
And if it’s not, the real stuff isn’t expensive either.
I should really look around to see if I have any lying around.

And a ruler, I should snag a ruler.

Looking around for paper, I found some at Staples for $20/100. Matte photo paper. Should work well.

So, pray tell what am I making?

Gundam stuff(of course)
Portal and the cube
Random people
And a fun looking calendar

So yea, something else to spend my money on and keep me busy 🙂

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