Parc Omega

If you’re not familiar with the wild life drive through park Parc Omega, you really should be.

I told Tara that I had been there once when I was a kid, but after listening to the park radio, it was opened in 1990(or there abouts) and I thought I had been there much earlier than that. So, it appears that I’m a big old lier. However, I know that I have been to a park like this, but it must have been closer to the London area.

With snacks and a friend, we all gathered in the car and zoomed off to Quebec. Seems all the fun stuff lately is in Quebec. Wonder why that is? Anyway.

It’s not too far away, and luckily, we have a generally happy kid, so the 90 minute journey passed pretty quickly. The county side in Quebec is really pretty. Sure, right now it’s a lot of brown, but the rolling hills and large fields really take your mind off life in the big city(yes, Kanata is the big city!)

We arrived, paid, and entered the first building. I think it’s the only building, but I’m not really sure. Liam was very happy to get out of the car, deciding that he had spent just enough time in the car. We walked around and looked at the foxes and skunks. Not getting too close to the skunks mind you, as it smelled like they haven’t been descented. We picked up our carrots(reasonably priced at that) and drove into the park.

Where we were ambushed by carbo! OK, ambushed isn’t the right term when they’re all standing there just waiting for carrots. But ambushed sounds more exciting. Not that carbo walking up to your car, and standing just a tab over you, isn’t exciting.This was the first feeding. And the first time we’ve had carbo in the car. Granted, they weren’t in there fully, but they knew we had food that they wanted, and weren’t shy about it. Even starting to drive off didn’t deter them, but they moved on to the next car soon enough. There were also boars, and little baby boars. Soooo cute!

There are a few spots in the park that are safe/suggested for you to get out of the car, so we did. There was a group of deer that really didn’t mind people, and just wanted to hang out and eat carrots. Liam was happy enough to walk around and really wanted to go up to the deer, but we thought it wise if he held back a little. There was this buck just kinda hanging around in the background. That was until a few kids approached the group and got just a little too close. With those antlers, he could really have done damage, so we, then their parents, warned the kids to back off.

Back to the car and off to see other things.

There was a number of different things out in the park. And rightly so, they kept the ones that eat meat away from all the others. They were behind fences and basically entrenched in their areas. So there wasn’t much of a chance for them to jump the fence and eat the stupid tourists that got out of their cars to get better pictures of the wolves. We got to see timber wolves, artic foxes, artic wolves and black bears! All were very cool to see. It was fun to see the artic wolves looking a lot like Quanuk. Even down to the way they just kinda lie there in the sun 🙂

If we had known, it was warmer, and we had more oomph, we would have checked out the walking trails that they have. I bet that would have been a ton of fun too 🙂

So as I said, if you haven’t checked it out, you really should. It’s not far away, not too expensive, and lots of fun!

Yes, pictures will be coming.


  1. ·

    Sounds like a great day!

    Looking forward to seeing pictures!

  2. Mom

    It was the African Safari park near Montreal that we went to when you and Matt were younger.


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